Three dimensional signage (sometimes called 3D dimensional signs) adds an element of depth to a flat sign’s height and width. The shape, shadows and shading of 3D letters, logos and graphics catch the eye like no two dimensional sign. ..add some text here…


A free standing sign in excess of eight feet in height that is detached from a building and is supported by one or more structural elements (s) which architecturally similar to design of the sign.


A billboard is a large advertising structure, typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers.


Wayfinding is concerned with helping to direct you from point to point or confirming your progress along a route. Wayfinding is not for advertising purposes.


LED lit signs last longer. LED’s have a longer life span compared to neon and Fluorescent lighting. In fact they last 25 times longer incandescent lights and thousands of more hours of display time over neon.